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“After learning to meditate, I am more alert, wakeful – I experience things a little differently than I did before...... like seeing through a cleaner glass when you didn’t realize the glass had been so dirty.”

- Deborah Brackin, Scottsdale, Arizona

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Deepak Chopra has revitalized an ancient meditation technique called Primordial Sound Meditation.  It's a simple, silent, mantra-based meditation technique that you can learn in a one day workshop with expert meditation instructor and best-selling Hay House author, Sarah McLean, the director of McLean Meditation Institute in Sedona, Arizona. Sarah served as the Education Director at the Chopra Center for Wellbeing and worked for Dr. Deepak Chopra for over eight years and has taught hundreds of people to meditate and has seen amazing results.

What is Primordial Sound Meditation?

This silent mantra meditation uses primordial sounds, or sounds of nature, to access the silence that exists between your thoughts, and beneath the turbulent surface of your mind. These primordial sounds, or mantras, are specific sounds chosen for you based on your the time and location of birth. You will use your personal mantra silently, and it will serve as a vehicle to connect you with deeper aspects of your awareness.

This form of meditation is derived from the yoga tradition of India. Yoga means union-the union of environment, senses, body, mind, and soul.  This union is described in an ancient text known as the Yoga Sutras written by the sage Patanjali.  He explains that yoga is the progressive settling down of the mind into the field of pure silence. This field is hidden from us, it's always there, but is usually overshadowed by the activity of the mind.

You'll access the silent spaces between your thoughts

During Primordial Sound Meditation your mind becomes quiet, and because your mind and body is truly connected, this allows your body to settle down and gain the deep rest necessary to release stress and fatigue. You'll enliven your inner healer, and have the direct experience of your higher self - or soul — where energy, creativity, and inner awareness are your natural state of being.

When we meditate, we enter into the field of silence, of pure, unbounded awareness. Deepak Chopra calls this experience the experience of being in "the gap".   Being in this field of quiet, expanded awareness allows us to recognize that our essential self is not the constant conversation that fills our minds, but the silent witness to our thoughts, words, and actions. The thinker of the thought.

Regular practice of meditation helps establish this filed of awareness, the inner quietness in life, in our activity. This provides access to our creativity and freedom of choice.


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The cost of the meditation course:

$375 per person

$250 for full-time students and seniors (65 and over); and children (ages 11-18)

$495 private classes for individuals

Special low-cost meditation programs are available for war veterans.

Scholarships are available based on financial need, please inquire.


The course includes:

  • An Introduction to Meditation
  • Understanding Meditation Techniques & Stress Reduction
  • Private Meditation Instruction Session
  • Your Personal Mantra
  • Creating Your Own Personal Practice
  • A Lesson on Higher States of Consciousness
  • Course Materials
  • Free Follow up Appointments by phone


A Sample Course Schedule:

Introduction to Meditation: Learn what learn what meditation is, how it works, and its benefits. Find out the history of Primordial Sound Meditation and how your sound is chosen for you. And we'll talk about this 'gap' that Dr. Chopra and Wayne Dyer talk about. There will be a short presentation on stress and its effects on health.

Private Meditation Instruction: During an individual 45-minute morning or early afternoon appointment which will be scheduled once you register, you'll find out your personal mantra, or primordial sound, and learn how to use it in a meditation technique as a vehicle to connect you with deeper aspects of your self.

Verification of Practice: We'll explore the practical aspects of meditation, such as how to sit, where and when to meditate, and the types of experiences to expect. You have an opportunity to create your own personal meditation practice.

Exploring Higher States of Consciousness. What are the higher states of consciousness accessible through your regular daily practice of meditation? We’ll discuss the infinite possibilities and learn to use the natural spiritual law of fulfilling your intentions and desires. There will be a group meditation session before the course ends.


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Click here for the Primordial Sound Meditation Registration form


You can learn to meditate in person at the McLean Meditation Center, 411 State Road 179, #8, Sedona, Arizona, 86336.  Or, over the internet, you can learn to via Skype with Sarah McLean- just contact us to set up a private appointment.

Fill out the application form, found online by clicking the blue button. On it, you'll need to provide us with the time and place of your birth and your payment.  Fill it in and fax, email or send it to us. You can also register by calling (928) 204-0067. Full payment is needed to register.


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