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"My intention was to honor myself on a weekend and to create a  meaningful new spiritual experience.  What I came away with is the most incredible, transformational experience of my life."   -Julie B.

Creative Soul:
A Meditation & Writing Retreat for Women 

(formerly the Yoga of Writing retreat)

The Creative Soul Writing Retreat for women is a one-of-a-kind retreat that can help you to access your true creativity. You don't have to be especially artistic, poetic, or clear; you simply need a desire to write and delve into self-awareness, even if only for a weekend.

For many, writing is a spiritual practice which leads to a profound experience of timelessness. A single moment of inspiration can become an eternity. The same is true of meditation. For those who practice meditation life can be transformed physically, spiritually, and emotionally. Meditation allows the veil of stress to lift so you can connect with your true nature and commune with your creative soul.

Best-selling Hay House author and meditation teacher Sarah McLean leads participants into provocative mindfulness practices, deep meditations, and expansive writing exercises to express their creative soul.

She'll show you how to listen to and trust your creative soul, explore your imagination, transcend your inner critic, and spontaneously express yourself from the womb of creativity. You'll write, listen to yourself, and be heard, perhaps for the very first time.

The retreat has been held in magical places: Big Sur, California, Sedona, Arizona, and in Teton Valley, Idaho. Each environment is nourishing, powerful, and a perfect place for transformation.

Women with any level of meditation and/or writing experience are welcome. The program includes instruction in the Simple, Easy, Every All that's required is your willingness to explore your awareness and all that is unseen. Read what past participants say about the retreat here.


In Sedona, Arizona, December 3 & 4

by Mel Russel

In Sedona, the Creative Soul Retreat is held at the McLean Meditation Institute

Retreat Hours at Sedona (subject to changes):

  • Saturday  9:00 am - 12:30 pm; 2:00 - 5:00 pm
  • Sunday 10:00 am - 12:30 am

Sedona Retreat Fee:

  • Early Registration $225 per person (21 days in advance)
  • Registration $255
  • Retreat Alum save 15%
  • Companions, each take 10% off each you register together

To Register for the Creative Soul Retreat in Sedona call 928.204.0067. Accommodations, meals, and transportation are not included in the retreat fee.

Accommodations in Sedona:

The Creative Soul Retreat is offered at the McLean Meditation Institute in Sedona, Arizona. You will need to make your own arrangements for accommodations. Visit this link for additional recommendations and travel information for your Sedona visit. If you are booking a hotel, be sure you find one in the City of Sedona rather than the Village of Oak Creek (which is sometimes called Sedona) as it is about 10 miles away.

Retreat Cancellation Policy for MMI retreats:

If you should have to cancel unexpectedly, inform MMI in writing by fax or email as soon as possible. Injury or illness does not automatically disqualify you from the cancellation policy. See the details below. Considerations are given for family or personal emergencies and are discussed on a one-to-one basis. In general, the following scale of charges will apply:

  • if you notify MMI at least 21 days before the start of the retreat, your deposit is fully refundable less a 20% cancellation fee.
  • After that date, there are absolutely no refunds.
  • MMI reserves the right to cancel a retreat with inadequate enrollment – (we typically try to notify you no less than 21 days of the event). 
  • If you fail to show up your retreat fee will be entirely forfeited and no refunds will be made for any unused services 
  • MMI is unable to refund transportation, flight, and other incidental expenses incurred.
  • It is suggested you obtain travel insurance. Review some available insurance plans here: www.insuremytrip.com, travelinsurancereview.net, www.travelinsurety.com


In Big Sur, California at the Esalen Institute: May 29-June 3, 2016

Writing Retreat Big Sur CA Esalen

The Liberate Your Writing retreat is offered at the Esalen Institute, a spectacular retreat center dramatically situated on the Big Sur cliffs over the Pacific Ocean. The grounds were once a sacred site for the Native Americans of the Big Sur Coast. The Institute itself is over 50 years old and has birthed some of the ground-breaking movements in western spirituality and transformational psychology.  

Meals & Accommodations:

The food is organic and delicious. The accommodations are all onsite and simple. The hot springs are profoundly soothing and invigorating. The air, the sea, the sky, and the cliffs are spectacular. The massage, healing and body workers are experts.

To Register for the Creative Soul Retreat at Esalen:

Call Esalen at 1-888-8ESALEN (1-888-837-2536) or Visit the event page here.


Sarah McLean, Author, Director of the Sedona Meditation Training CompanySarah McLean:

Along with my 25-year meditation practice I've had some unique opportunities to work alongside spiritual changemakers and best-selling authors. I served as the founding education director of Deepak Chopra’s Center, and as director of Byron Katie’s international School for The Work, and assistant to Seat of the Soul author, Gary Zukav. Not only were each one of these pioneers great company, each was also working to express their creative soul.

My aim is to help you to listen to your creative voice, the voice of your soul, and one way to do that is through meditation. I aim to make meditation accessible to anyone who wants to learn it. I know it can only enhance your creative practices as well as the quality of your everyday life.

I’ve explored world spiritual traditions: I spent two years as a resident in a Zen Buddhist monastery, I also lived in an ashram in India, bicycled along the Silk Route through Pakistan, and trekked the Golden Triangle in Asia.  I also had a challenging childhood and had my bouts with difficult relationships. I write about about each experience and continue to express myself with writing as a meditation. Writing is a tool I depend on to really listen to myself. I look forward to being with you, tapping into creativity, and expanding our awareness together. 

I teach meditation wherever I am invited. My best-selling book, Soul-Centered: Transform Your Life in 8 Weeks with Meditation, was released in 2012 by Hay House and my next book, Love & the Power of Attention (Hay House) is due out in January 2017. My columns on mind/body health have been and are featured in Prevention Magazine, Daily Word, Science of Mind Magazine, Frontdoors, Earth Odyssey, Green Magazine, and other publications.


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