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The McLean Meditation Institute® offers meditation programs that have been enjoyed by thousands of students from all walks of life. It’s located in the heart of beautiful Sedona, Arizona at the junction of Hwy 179 and Schnebly Hill Road (map), in the historic Garland Building.

MMI is a popular destination for locals and visitors alike. It’s a blissful hideaway with a bird’s eye view of the red rock formations which offers unique gifts, recommended books, handcrafted greeting cards, jewelry, vibrant inspirational art by nationally-acclaimed Arizona artists, and meditation must-haves.

Whether you’re a new meditator who wants to learn to meditate, or a seasoned meditator who wants to deepen your meditation practice, you’ll find a program for you here. It’s the perfect place to unplug and find a moment of peace whether you join a drop-in discussion, a mindfulness and meditation class, a study group, or a weekend meditation retreat. There are also online programs for those who want to study from home. All of the programs are designed to cultivate your creativity, personal power, and inner peace.

MMI is also the home of the Meditation Teacher Academy®, a 200-hour professional meditation and mindfulness teacher training program. With its world-class faculty, it’s dedicated to educating meditation instructors to the highest standards of excellence. There are now hundreds of meditation and mindfulness teachers worldwide who provide meditation and mindfulness training to various populations whether in their private practice or at a school, prison, or in the corporate sector.

MMI was founded in 2006 by Sedona resident, Sarah McLean, best-selling Hay House author of Soul-Centered: Transform Your Life in 8 Weeks with Meditation, and The Power of Attention: Awaken to Love and it’s Unlimited Potential with Meditation.

Sarah is a sought-after inspirational speaker who makes meditation easy for anyone. She has over 25 years of deep, personal meditation practice and in-depth work experience in the field of personal transformation. She headed up the education programs at Deepak Chopra’s center in California, was the director of the School for the Work of Byron Katie, and assisted Debbie Ford, Gary Zukav, and other thought-leaders in their program development and execution.

Sarah was also a resident in a Transcendental Meditation center, lived in a Zen Buddhist Monastery, and spent six months in an traditional ashram in India. She is founded the Institute as part of her effort to do what she can to create peace on this planet. Read more about her here.

McLean Meditation Institute’s Mission: To be the most current, reliable, inspiring, and professional source of meditation and mindfulness training; to support those who seek to practice and experience the benefits of meditation and mindfulness through its self-development programs; to create a nourishing, safe, and engaging learning environment; and to cultivate kindness and compassion. MMI is committed to environmental sustainability in all its business practices. MMI and its staff welcome and honor all religions, lineages, and wisdom traditions.

Visit the McLean Meditation Institute

Though MMIs reach is worldwide, we are located in the heart of Sedona, Arizona, adjacent to Tlaquepaque at 411 N State Route 179.

We are open daily 10:00 am – 5:00 pm and by appointment. Stop by or give us a call at 928-204-0067 when you are in Sedona. We’d love to meditate with you. Explore the robust schedule of meditation classes and drop-in meditation gatherings.

You’ll also enjoy an inspiring collection of original art and must-have meditation supplies.

Experience Meditation!

MMI offers a host of events for everyone, from those who are curious about meditation to long-time meditation lovers. Take a look at our opportunities to explore and experience meditation:

While meditation is fundamentally about self-exploration, the coherence gained from meditating with others makes it even more powerful. Numerous studies have shown that when a group of people meditate together, it has a measurable effect on the greater population. Meditating together lets us come together in shared intentions for change. On a global scale, we have witnessed many times how a small handful of people strongly unified by a common intent can profoundly influence a larger group of people. Great global movements for peace, from Martin Luther King, Jr. to Gandhi, have always begun with the coming together of people seeking peace for the greater good.

In Sedona on Sunday? Join the  one-hour Introduction to Meditation & Mindfulness every Sunday at 2:00 pm. You’ll be introduced to meditation and mindfulness techniques by an expert meditation teacher who will then lead you into a 20 minute guided meditation. There’s no need to pre-register, however please be on time to join in.

Whether you are new to meditation, or have an ongoing practice, you will experience the power of group meditation. This is a favorite among Sedona locals and visitors alike.

This introduction to meditation will:

  • Help anyone new to meditation get comfortable with the practice.
  • Encourage and motivate you to begin or recommit to a regular practice.
  • Give experienced meditators an opportunity to enhance their practice.

$5 suggested donation.

Daily Silent Meditation

The McLean Meditation Institute hosts 45-minute silent meditation periods Sunday through Friday mornings at 9:00 am, and Monday through Thursday evenings at 5:30 pm. There is no need to pre-register and they are free to attend.

This program is open to all who practice silent a meditation technique and we welcome all traditions. Join us!

Charities We Support

The McLean Meditation Institute is a socially-responsible and environmentally-aware organization. MMI donates a large portion of proceeds, time, and gifts (via gift certificates, donations, or free programs) to many charities and foundations, including:

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