Experience meditation and mindfulness practice in Sedona, Arizona whether you’re new to meditation or already have an ongoing practice.

Everyone is invited to the Silent Meditation Gathering as well as the Introduction to Meditation & Mindfulness Programs. There is no need to preregister, just come on in. Participants must arrive on time to join in. We’re on the second floor. Call (928) 204-0067 if you’d like more information.

Held at the McLean Meditation Institute, 411 State Route 179 (at the junction of 179 & Schnebly Hill Road) in Sedona, Arizona. See the map.

SILENT MEDITATION GATHERING: Sunday-Friday 9:00-9:45 am  & Monday-Thursday 5:30-6:15 pm

Martin Birrittella, author of the Field of Love and founder of the Free Process, invites you to join him in a 45-minute silent, self-directed meditation period. Bathe in the silence and reset your nervous system. No instruction is given, though meditation support is offered after the session. There’s no charge for the program.


 Zac Occhiline, a seasoned yoga and meditation teacher and inspirational faculty member of the Meditation Teacher Academy, offers a lively dialogue from a wide variety of spiritual traditions and perspectives. The discussion is followed by a guided meditation. The program is open to anyone with a meditation practice but you must make a reservation to attend. It’s held at the McLean Meditation Institute.  The cost is $10.


Everyone is welcome to come to the introduction to meditation and mindfulness with an expert meditation mentor. This one-hour program features meditation guides Sarah McLean, Devani Page, Michele Mattix, Eva Maurice, and Joy Nanda. It’s a popular program for tourists and Sedona locals alike. You’ll be introduced to a particular aspect of meditation and mindfulness and will then practice it.

Each week a different meditation is offered, including Loving Kindness Meditation, Mindfulness, Visualization, Breath Awareness, Mantra Practice, Body Appreciation, Chakra Meditation, or Gratitude Meditation.

No experience is necessary to attend. For those 13 years old or older. $5 donation.

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