An Open Invitation to President Trump: Learn to Meditate & Reclaim Your True Power

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Dear President Trump,

I know your time is valuable, that’s why I want to let you know about a superpower that you can access to maximize your time and allow you to serve as the very best president you can be.

We’ve all seen the headlines about your tweets and ongoing concerns, whether it’s voter fraud, the immigration issues, Mika Brzezinski’s alleged facelift, fake news, or the lack of support shown by Nordstrom for your daughter’s fashion line. With a constant flow of news media calling your name, Twitter debates that spread like wildfire, and endless government briefings, I wonder how you maintain your centerpoint of peace. And how you stay present to what really matters.

I cannot imagine what it must be like to live one day in your shoes, Mr. President.

That’s why I am inviting you to come to Sedona, Arizona, known as the spiritual mecca of the United States, and learn to meditate with me. Meditation can help you to unleash a superpower: an uncanny ability to remain focused, responsive, and clear throughout all the chaos. So you can learn how to harness the power of your attention through a practice of meditation.

Activate the most powerful part of your brain and become the best CEO.

Not to get too personal, but your frontal lobe is the most dominant, intelligent, and rational part of your brain. Many call it the CEO of the brain because helps you to see the big picture and wisely guides you with care, thoughtfulness, and attention as you make decisions. However, this CEO’s power can be hijacked by another part of your brain: the amygdala. That’s the part in charge of your fight, flight, freeze response. It’s a hair triggered, highly reactive part of the brain. With stress, people can tend to be reactive rather than responsive.

Don’t let your brain get hijacked.

The amygdala is designed to get your body and brain ready to handle a threat. Its immediate preparedness can and will save your life when needed. However, it can also hijack your CEO due to its overwhelming reactivity toward imagined or emotional threats.  Often, this reactivity is out of proportion to the actual stimulus it’s reacting to. This is called “amygdala hijack” and it shuts down your CEO’s office.* It creates confusion and minimizes your ability to see the big picture. It doesn’t allow you to focus on what you know to be most important.

Consider this: your attention is a valuable currency.

Wouldn’t it be so much better to focus on what you want when you want, without your attention being hijacked? Your attention connects you to—and has a very real impact on—whatever or whomever you focus it on. You pay attention, and you only have a certain amount of it, so you want to use it wisely. This can be difficult as most of us have an attention span of fewer than eight seconds and have to deal with the constant flood of pressing concerns. Your attention is a currency that you want to use wisely. Just like you use your money wisely.

Take back control.

One way to take control of your brain and your ability to pay attention is by meditating.

“Meditation?” you might ask. “Like when you sit around with your eyes closed, unplugged from devices and without tweets or texts or posts or notifications or conflicts or talking?”

I know, I know, this sounds like something tree huggers do, right? Well, yes, we do. I am surrounded by people who love nature here in the red rocks of Sedona. But there many other types of people who meditate.

Rock stars meditate, CEOs and Olympic athletes meditate, children meditate, people in the media meditate, Republicans and Democrats and even Independents meditate, and the average Joe meditates. Each exercises their brain and gains control of their attention centers. Each ends up with a huge return on their investment (ROI) of time in meditation in the form of great success in life.

I know you want to “make America great again” and have people like you.

Would you like to regain control of this country? You can, by making thoughtful decisions that don’t end up in massive protests. And you can when you activate the CEO center while making decisions. You can become ridiculously in charge of your attention through meditation and mindfulness. Imagine what one day would look when you could quickly recover from a stressful situation, even when it feels like chaos at every turn. Imagine being able to focus on what you want, when you want with ease and clarity.

Unleash your superpower.

Your attention is a superpower that can change your (and our) world. Not only does your attention have a powerful effect on the people and things that you focus it on, it also has the power to connect you with everything else.

Not to worry, this is not a criticism of you—I am not here to go on the news and call you names. I am not here to criticize your policies or your behavior as president. I won’t even make a Trump meme. Instead, I want to personally invite you to my meditation center in Sedona, Arizona.

I can teach you how to do it, and no, you don’t have to change your religion or your diet or your beliefs. Instead, with meditation, you’ll tap into your brain’s infinite organizing power, wisdom, and evolutionary capability. With a brain trained by meditation, you are able to quickly and easily recover—even when you get stressed.

You can become the master of your attention. Come meditate with me and take it from there.

Here’s to peace inside and out,

Sarah McLean




Sarah McLean
Sarah McLean considers herself an American Transcendentalist. She’s dedicated her life to exploring meditation: living as a resident of both a Zen Buddhist monastery and a traditional ashram in India, as well as living and working in a Transcendental Meditation center. She headed up the education programs at Deepak Chopra’s center in California and Byron Katie’s School for the Work. Sarah is a best-selling Hay House author of the books Soul-Centered: Transform Your Life in 8 Weeks with Meditation and The Power of Attention: Awaken to Love and its Unlimited Potential with Meditation. She's also a sought-after speaker who is determined to create more peace on this planet by helping people wake up to the wonder and beauty of their lives and the world around them through the practice of meditation.
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  • Barrie

    Sarah, I am so very proud of you. Love, Barrie

  • Vikki Reed

    Brilliant Sarah! I hope he takes advantage of this remarkable opportunity, it will be a gift to us all!

  • Richard Frey

    So nice to invite all of us to do yoga with you. I’m thinking of running for president so we can all work together on this green amazing planet. My vision is to be one with home we call Earth. I see our paths crossing soon.

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