Alison Ozgur, MHS, RD, RYTVancouver, Washington

Washington USA


Alison Ozgur is a registered dietitian, author, certified meditation teacher, and registered yoga instructor. Her greatest passion is educating and guiding others on their journey toward mindfulness, plant-based nutrition, and optimal mind/body health. Through the use of evidence-based practices, she teaches people how to thrive and live a vibrant life.

Alison has always had a great interest in health and wellness, which is why she initially chose to become a registered dietitian. She believed educating people on how to nourish their body with healthy, nutrient-rich food, while maintaining a daily exercise regimen, was the key to optimal health and disease prevention. Through years of personal practice and growth, she has learned that there is more to achieving complete health than just diet and exercise. The missing, yet essential link is incorporating the mind/body practices of yoga and meditation.

“Through my daily mindfulness practice, I am more alert, more peaceful, more grounded, and live in the present moment. Given the stresses of everyday life that effect so many, I feel the need to move beyond helping people thrive, simply through food and nutrition education. I consistently utilize my skills and compassion as an educator, to inspire and teach others to embrace all the beauty that life has to offer.” Alison offers a variety of nutrition, yoga, and meditation workshops and retreats. Her clients love her radiant energy and unique ability to help them transform their lives. She lives by example and has made a tremendous impact on creating healthy, mindful communities. Eat Plants. Meditate Daily. Practice Yoga.

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