Amanda Freed, LMT, RYT, CMTTucson, Arizona

Arizona USA


Amanda is a licensed massage therapist and certified yoga and meditation teacher, who, after graduating from the Swedish Institute of NYC in 1988, found herself drawn more deeply to Eastern studies including yoga and meditation with Native American tribes, academic scholars, and world-renowned yoga and meditation experts.

She is a highly respected yoga instructor who has been teaching in the Tucson area for over 10 years, is a senior member of an esoteric meditation community, and is certified to teach meditation and mindfulness through the McLean Meditation Insitute in Sedona Arizona.

Amanda's passion is assisting students and clients in living a fully aligned life. Her method of teaching meditation is fun, easy to learn, and honors each individual as an active, thinking human being capable of exploring higher states of consciousness.

Amanda teaches public and private yoga and meditation classes and offers massage therapy by appointment as well as facilitates workshops and retreats.


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