Avianna CastroGrand Blanc, Michigan

    Michigan USA

    Grand Blanc

    Avianna has been teaching meditation for several years. She inspires and empowers her students to live with more awareness and authenticity, which comes about with meditation. She teaches her students to live a spiritual, deliberate, and meaningful life through classes, mentoring, and meditation gatherings.

    After a traumatic accident which resulted in a broken femur and knee, she was told by doctors that her lifestyle would dramatically change. Not only was she not advised to continue her running practice, she went through seven surgeries on her leg. Surgeons told her that hip and knee replacements were in her future.

    In 2012, she recommitted to her daily meditation practice, and she credits this with regaining her physical abilities and changing her perspective. Avianna began running again and finished her first 5K race in June of 2012. Today, she is not anticipating any surgeries, isn’t on any medications, and lives a pain-free life.

    In addition to the physical wake up call, Avianna was experiencing more life-changes. She was not satisfied with her career as an architect. Deep inside, she knew that she was supposed to be doing something else, something more meaningful for her and to others. With a leap of faith, she left her corporate career (it was the same month she finished her 5K race) and embraced the life of service and supporting others that was calling her to be a teacher and a mentor to others going through similar transitions in life.

    Not only is Avianna a powerful and inspiring teacher, she is passionate about the earth’s environment, the protection of animals, and the interconnectedness of all life. She believes that if you choose to be kind and practice loving kindness, not only will the world be a better place for all, you will also be the receiver of continued blessings. Avianna is a McLean Meditation Institute Certified Meditation & Mindfulness Teacher.


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