Kimberly TrefzWallingford, Pennsylvania

    Pennsylvania USA


    Kimberly is a BSEE, System’s Integration Engineer & MES Consultant, 200 hour Vinyasa Flow Certified Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master Teacher, and McLean Meditation Institute® Certified Meditation & Mindfulness Teacher. Kimberly started her meditation practice accidentally in October of 2013 by attending a Star of King Solomon World Mystery School workshop with Reverend Scott Raymond of The New Earth Healing and Teaching Centers. However, after a few months of dedicated daily practice, she noticed personal growth and transformation which has rippled out into all aspects of her life… home, work, play, and relationships. She has shared her knowledge with her family and friends, who have also found the great benefits of reduced stress, greater peace and better quality of life, through their own meditation practices.

    Kimberly feels that meditation is a key element for optimal physical and mental health and that everyone at any age will benefit from this practice. Her goal is to present this practice in such a way that those receiving will feel that meditation should be main-stream in the ‘West’ and thus they will meditate daily and share this gift with confidence to all around them, creating an unstoppable ripple effect of meditators which will spread across our beautiful Mother Earth. It is Kimberly’s joy and passion to bring to You the keys which will unlock the doors to the wonderful world of meditation.


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