Rene RechtschaffnerVancouver, Canada

British Columbia Canada


Renee is a life long learner, a certified meditation and mindfulness teacher, a sustainable fashion designer, a visual artist, and a former World Cup athlete.

After experiencing a lost sense of time and lack of present moment focus, Renee became aware she was not really experiencing her life fully. Lack of sleep and stress were building up. Then her life started to turn around when she regularly began practicing yoga and meditation. That's when she experienced a new level of presence in her life. She also noticed that she saw everything more clearly. Renee teaches mindfulness and meditation so her students too can learn to live with more presence in their daily lives. They'll also become more focused, calmer, less stressed, and more creative. By teaching you to meditate and practice mindfulness, Renee can help you live the life you most want. Give it a try. Open your mind to the possibilities.

Renee is a Certified McLean Institute Meditation & Mindfulness Instructor. She founded Inward Meditation to share the benefits of meditation, mindfulness, and the neuroscience behind it.


Certified Meditation & Mindfulness Instructor

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