Learning to Meditate with Sarah McLean

Marion Shipman from Ontario, Canada and Sedona, Arizona writes:
“Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Sarah, you are one of the most truly talented people that I have ever met in Sedona in all the years I’ve been coming here. I simply cannot tell you how much I enjoyed being in your ‘Meditation Class’ on December 19th. Each and everyday I do my morning and evening meditations and I am truly finding the relaxation is so good for my mind.”

“You have the most magnificent, kind, understanding and caring ability that I have ever seen in a teacher. From the very first moment I met you I was immediately drawn to your energy and found you to be so down to earth and honest. I will be back, Sarah, and you can bet I will recommend you and your course to everyone who arrives here to visit me in beautiful Sedona, Arizona.”

Dr. Anna Natcher from Scottsdale, Arizona writes: “I just wanted to thank you for such a wonderful experience on Saturday!!  I have listened to your meditation CD the last two mornings…I already feel much more calm. I am going to continue to do it daily…. I will use meditation as my daily ‘medication.'”

Katie Ventura from Gilbert, Arizona writes: “The Simple, Easy, Every Day Meditation class absolutely exceeded my expectations. The location was peaceful and gorgeous. Sarah was so knowledgable and took the time to listen to exactly what we were saying. I didn’t feel rushed and I felt like all of our questions were answered. I also loved that we were sent home with a meditation cd and some useful materials to reference later. Sarah was so much more than I ever imagined. I felt completely at ease talking with her and learning from her. That is something rather rare for me, as I am not a person who trusts easily. I was so impressed with her knowledge, experience, and obvious passion for meditation. I went home and told everyone that I felt so blessed to have had an experience that I believe will totally enrich my life and the life of my husband. I have already noticed that I am sleeping better—which is amazing! And I am able to calm down more quickly after becoming frustrated! I think my life is going to be better and fuller after learning how to meditate. I look forward to working with you again in the future.”

Dr. Sharon Lamm-Hartman, CEO, Inside Out Learning, Cave Creek, Arizona writes: “Sarah is the real deal. She practices what she preaches.  She meditates and has for years. Sarah is able to teach meditation professionally and from real life hands on experience. She is calm, peace, and well being. I recommend her to all of my clients and, after attending many meditation retreats by many masters, I finally found one that works for me—with Sarah. I highly recommend any and all of Sarah’s retreats.”

Liz Garlieb from Phoenix, Arizona writes: “I really enjoyed the entire class. You are a wonderful teacher and role model. I love your life’s story.  Your courage and strength is inspiring…I noticed I am more light hearted and just smile as I meditate when the dogs start barking and the kids are loud.”

Judy Finneran of Lake Orion, Michigan writes: “Sarah is warm and very present, and her course materials are excellent. After taking her class, I am more clear of what I need and want, and am more trusting of my inner voice. After meditating regularly, I no longer take anti-depressants which I have been on for years. I feel more secure in my self and my life.”

Linda Priano from Sedona, Arizona writes: “Sarah, I just wanted to take the time to tell you how wonderful I thought the class was on Saturday. I hope you realize that you are really changing peoples’ lives for the better. Every time I meet with you I feel so uplifted and clear. You really are making the world a better place…one person at a time. I am grateful that you have come into my life.”

Jim Bishop from Sedona, Arizona writes: “Rumi once proclaimed that when the soul lies down in the grass, the world is too full to talk about. So it was for me after my first experience with meditation. The freshness, the effortlessness, and nonthreatening quality of Sarah’s teaching style belied the inner surges of insight and the waves of consciousness raising that were soon to sweep me into deeper places which were indeed too full to talk about. To be sure, because of her workshop, my life has been altered by the daily questions which pick the lock on the meditation door: Who are you? What do you want? How can I serve, and to what purpose? Since then, meditation has become a part of my life, sometimes for ten minutes; sometimes for longer. And sometimes I arrive at the moment when schedules and obligations fade away and I am immersed in ancient rhythms and begin to feel alive. I wish the same for everyone.”    

Susan M. Henkles, from Sedona, Arizona writes: “The weekend was perfect. Long enough to get the full impact and value. Short enough to keep interest alive! Sarah’s style is loving, comforting, easy, light, and fun!  …I am falling asleep and staying asleep 100% better. The anxiety flutter is gone. I am less tired during the day.  My inner landscape has fewer weeds and way more flowers. Eric and my practicing together has brought a kindness and gentleness to our relationship!”

Dee Ann writes: “Sarah is very sincere, knowledgeable, interesting, and caring. (The benefits) so far have been just the knowledge that meditation will be beneficial and the peace in knowing I can call Sarah if I have questions and need answers. I know she will be of great help!”

Carol S., from Detroit, Michigan writes: “Learning to meditate was like that moment standing on top of the mountain and seeing the whole world lay out at your feet. A feeling of being a part of something much larger than yourself and at the same time knowing it was always within you. There is this image in my mind of the swirling pinks and purples of the rocks against that dark and moody sky that day when I opened my eyes after meditating for the first time. It was as if the world had polished itself just for me. Sarah is a catalyst for positive energy. Perhaps what I liked best was the open, forthright manner in which the information was presented. And finally the personal feeling of blending in, like an old friend.”

Deborah Brackin from Scottsdale, Arizona writes: “The meditation session was exciting, thought provoking, and powerful. Sarah is very centered, flexible, approachable, caring, and spirit-driven—she’s awesome to work with. I am more alert, wakeful. I experience things a little differently than I did before, like seeing through a cleaner glass when you didn’t realize the glass had been so dirty. There is something grand about being with Sarah, beyond the location and above the subject matter—she gives me peace.”

Bob Garland from Phoenix, Arizona writes: “I don’t have time to elaborate, but I want you to know that I appreciate you and your work. And I enjoy receiving your correspondence. You’ll hear from me again I’m sure!”

Terese Lindstrom from Phoenix, Arizona writes: “Learn Primordial Sound Meditation. It helps tremendously. Your mind still wants to jump around, but with your personal sound, it helps to bring you back. Before learning (meditation) there was nothing to focus on that worked for me.  Sarah is calm and easy to be around. She is completely at ease with herself which in turn helps us.  I really liked the private session. Thank you for squeezing me in at the last minute.”

Lisa from Cornville, Arizona writes: “I so admire you Sarah, and think you have such an amazing gift, and use it so selflessly and energetically.  Your presence enhances us all. I am so grateful for everything this past weekend, and so grateful for your calming, enlightened presence.”

Melissa Karolides, from San Diego, California writes: “Sarah is an amazing woman who continually takes life to the next level. If I didn’t know so well her acute intelligence, limitless creativity, meticulous organizational abilities, and insatiable will to produce results—I would be surprised over and over at what one human being is able to accomplish.”

Kelly Cook from Rimrock, Arizona writes: “From the first opportunity I met her I knew that Sarah could to help me learn to do what she does-help others realize their full potential. Sarah helped me to translate my thoughts and ideas into action. By working with her I discovered exactly what I was longing to do-help women discover God’s purpose for their lives! As a result of our meetings, I enrolled in the training program and am on my way to fulfilling a dream! Thanks Sarah!”

Aryana Londir from Black Canyon City, Arizona writes: “Sarah is very open, flexible, and caring in her style. She obviously believes very strongly in what she teaches, which is evident in the way she lives her life. I would definitely recommend the course. The process is relaxing, subtle yet powerful.”

Benefits of Meditation

Sonja Haller, a writer for the Arizona Republic writes: “Not too long ago I attended a meditation retreat you led in Scottsdale that media members were invited to. While I found the guided meditation enjoyable, I left with your words in mind that the practice of meditation may not always be pleasant. This was profound for me. I’ve tried to practice meditation for decades but was always stymied by the thought that I may be doing something wrong because I experienced discomfort or tightness—even if it was only for a minute or two. People always spoke about meditation as uplifting and serene from start to finish. You gave me permission to experience whatever the meditation brought. So I continued to practice and the most amazing thing happened. I have been what they call a chronic migraines. My doctor told me to expect to have them the rest of my life, or at least until menopause. I got them up to 20 times a month. Now I get them three or four days a month. THAT IS HUGE! I believe I’m on my way to eradicating them all together. I’ve also become much clearer on my life and what I want. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”

Kathy Kingston from Hampton, New Hampshire writes: “Even though you worked with me almost one year ago, you had a profound influence on me. I feel more relaxed, have great health and see a huge improvement in my energy! The Everyday Meditation course exceeded my expectations, and set a new direction for me. I loved it.”

Victoria D from Phoenix, Arizona writes: “The benefits of meditation are many for me… I am a much more sound being throughout my days and am able to accomplish and conquer so much more than before. The best medicine I know… every day.”

Jana Holden from AZ writes: “My sleep is deeper and longer sometimes full of dreams and even if I awaken I ease back to sleep quickly. I feel lower stress and more patience with others. My co-workers notice I seem more peaceful and positive. I feel I’ve reached a sense of knowing that’s always there and cannot be lost. I notice a difference between me and others.”

Mary Ann Metzger from Phoenix, Arizona writes: “The course surpassed my expectations. Clear and succinct explanation, the receiving of my mantra, time (with a beautiful setting) to practice and reflect, with the opportunity to get clarification—all of these made for a special growth experience. I feel more love, more compassion, more ease permeates all relationships as my meditation practice cultivates my link to Divine Love.  It has been truly a way to tap into the sacredness of my life.”

Vera Suppo from Maricopa, Arizona writes: “I have never had a formal course in meditation. Your class was one of the best investments I could have made for my wellbeing. Since I learned to meditate, I have noticed that I am more focused on getting the things done that I used to put aside for later. I have a clearer head, and am much more serene. I also notice that my smoking has decreased without even putting conscious effort into it.”

Terese Lindstrom from Phoenix, Arizona writes: “Since learning to meditate I feel more in tune, closer to God, and can calm myself easier. Learning my Primordial Sound made all the difference. Before learning, there was nothing to focus on that worked for me. I really liked my private session. Sarah is so calm and easy to be around.”

Merina Yemaya Satori from Sedona, Arizona writes: “I am able to better trust my own (inner) guidance and no longer have to find validation outside. My guidance feels clearer than before (I guess I’m better able to listen)! I got an idea I’d like to play the piano again, after 50+ years of not sitting down to a keyboard. In two days my piano was delivered and a few days later I had my first lesson with the perfect teacher for me.”

Susan Roberts from Sedona, Arizona writes: “The weekend learning to meditate was life changing. Sarah made me feel at ease and comfortable.  She was sensitive and helpful… I completely love and enjoy the simplicity. All that I need to do is take the time each day. No complicated position or space. Thank you!”

Amanda Kuenzi from Flagstaff Arizona writes: “The class inspired me to take time out every day for meditation. I am really bad at acquiring skills and knowledge on my own.  Past effort have often been unsuccessful for me (not just meditation, but other endeavors too.) I learn best in a class situation. I need structure… So this class really did that for me. I now not only understand how to meditate, but why we do it and what is actually happening when we meditate. I am already handling my stress much better. Before I took the class I had near constant stomach pains and insomnia. I am already dealing with a busy holiday season and school work better than I would have before (the class).”

Sue Williams from Sedona, Arizona writes: “I’m coming to understand meditation is not so ethereal. The course was just right for me as a beginner. The location was so appropriate.”

Jim Truncali from Camp Verde, Arizona writes: “The instructor was very present and real.  She was like an old friend even though I had just met her. Her instruction was very open and clear.  …the process allows an individual to connect with a stable, unchanging reality—which allows the body to heal, the mind to let go, and the soul to expand.”

A massage therapist, Marie Kokinos, from Cottonwood, Arizona writes: “I’ve started to take time for myself to meditate which enhances my life in all areas. I’m more effective in work and enjoy life more!”

An artist, Lois E., from Tucson, Arizona writes: “When I meditate, I notice big changes. When I meditate, I get more acceptance letters. When I haven’t for a while, the rejection letters take over. So interesting, isn’t it? I don’t think it’s a fluke. And after meditating I’m happier, calmer, more centered, etc. I also notice subtle, positive changes in my health. I’m still so thankful for learning that specific meditation and mantra. I know it’s always there, I can come back to it any time, and getting back into the flow is so much easier with the mantra. That short day I spent with you truly changed my life. It’s the best money I ever spent on myself! It even makes me more confident because I have been still with my core being, and that unexplainable experience has taught me a lot.”

Anonymous writes: “(The weekend was) calming, centering, easy flow, well paced, just the right amount of information. Sarah is open, easy going, supportive. She practices what she is teaching. The location was wonderful and serene.”

A student, Brandi Wilson, 16, from Cornville, Arizona, writes: “Meditation is very calming for me. It helps me to accept the truths of life. I am more willing to deal with family and life issues.”

Dirk Heite from Phoenix, Arizona writes: “I loved the weekend learning Primordial Sound Meditation. It was easier and much less technical than I thought it would be.  I’ve noticed that I am not as fearful of situations. I am also much more able to express myself without anger. That weekend we had the class a friend of mine died in a motorcycle accident.  I’m so glad I read Life After Death (Chopra). It made is so that his passing was not so bad. I feel this journey is only beginning and look forward to learning new and wonderful ideas.”

Roanne Monson from Phoenix, Arizona writes: “Wonderful!  I am meditating! After several starts and stops over the years, this way is great. I am not doing the afternoon slump because I’m excited about getting home so I can begin my meditation. Sarah’s style is a practical way to do meditation. Sarah’s way is fast and quick.”

Belle Starr from Cornville, Arizona writes: “The meditation weekend was one kind of rollercoaster ride!  I feel better overall. Sarah is wonderful and easy to understand. The course was fabulous all the way around.”

Harriet Smith from Oregon writes: “Sarah McLean is a wonderful teacher. The Sedona location is gorgeous and could not be better. My expectations were met and more.  I feel my decisions come easier and faster. I feel more balanced… I feel more thoughtful and my mood is better. I am fairly new to this so I have no exceptional stories yet, but I am more certain about what I want in life.”

Lea Martin, from Sedona, Arizona writes: “I am meditating twice a day for 20 minutes. Once in the morning and once in early afternoon. I had a visit with my mother and meditated every day with her. She liked it and looked forward to our sessions. The first time Mom only got to the 18th minute and I heard her say, ‘Ok, I’ve had enough.’ After that she looked forward to our meditating time together. She’d turn off her phone and her side table lamp and just sit there quietly as soon as I would tell her it was time to meditate. Afterward we’d usually have tea and just talk. It was a great way to connect…I am more focused on each now moment and seem to be less distracted. I have more balanced energy. Because I am more calm, I am listening better to what people are saying and tuning in more to what they want to express.”

Gretchen M. from Tucson, Arizona writes: “The course definitely met my expectations. My life has been extremely interrupted (since the course).  I had to go back to Minnesota since my mother unexpectedly died… I am much more at peace with the circumstances in my life and highly trusting in recent happenings that occur. I am totally amazed that two days ago, I was able to do the eulogy at my mother’s funeral and think that I maintained my composure due to my meditations. I’ve been surprisingly able to let go of my unhealthy romantic relationship (after two and a half years) as of January 1.”

Richard Newsong from Ashland, Oregon writes: “I wanted to thank you again for the gift of meditation. I continue the practice and believe it will be very helpful to me on my journey.”

Gail Kottra writes: “I hoped that I would leave with skills that would enable me to relax, still my mind, and have a sense of peace. Your voice, Sarah, and the meditation environment actually made me feel that I had achieved all of that…I already feel less stressed on a daily basis. I also seem to be more energized about completing projects I’ve started whether it’s needlework, reading or even housework. I sometimes get a rapid heartbeat, especially at night… Now instead of panic and fear I am learning to use the breathing and relaxation skills I’ve learned through meditation.”

Patricia Wheat from Sedona, Arizona writes: “Everyone lately says I look more radiant—same makeup—same skincare routine—only change is my new meditation practice.”

Tommy Adelblue, from Encinitas, California writes: “The course met my expectations and then some… I have looked into meditation since the 60’s. This is the first time I actually felt that is was working for me. In my short time I have noticed mentally I have less of an edge. I am becoming more tolerant too. I feel myself growing inside. I don’t’ know the effect it has had on relationships, since mine ended after over seven years.  Meditation has made it easier for my heart to deal with the pain. I understand more.”

Jan Wind from Sedona, Arizona writes: “The weekend was very nourishing. I enjoyed the group meditation very much and was surprised what it difference it made compared to solitary meditation. I have enjoyed an increase in energy, not what I would have expected. Sarah is warm, caring, and extremely knowledgeable. The teaching environment and location are lovely and conducive to learning the practice.”

Anonymous writes: “My anxiety has lessened and my mood swings have improved. I feel calmer and more centered, able to cope with whatever comes my way. I have a deep sense of contentment… My husband has noticed a big difference and is very appreciative. He was so concerned when I was depressed or anxious. His sunny disposition just didn’t get it… Now we are both sunny.”

Susan Shoemaker, from Sedona, Arizona writes: “The course exceeded my expectations. It was very special to have you, Andrea, and Eric all share information and experiences. Following the basic course with the retreat really helped solidify the course. I am paying more attention to and trying to clarify my desires. After only a couple of weeks, I am taking a calmer approach to many situations.”

Judy Cochrane from Tucson, Arizona writes: “Desires are being met more easily. Grace and coincidence are happening always—can’t even keep track. It resolved my heartburn and acid reflux. I am calm and focused even when around my business.  Joy is more present in my life. Even when my marriage fell apart, we both found peace at the rock bottom and then a miracle happened. We found clarity, understanding and feel more for one another. So happy now.”

R. Hariharan from Austin, Texas writes: “I feel stress release during meditation, more relaxed, more peaceful. I feel fresh and alert throughout the day.”

Amanda Kuenzi, from Flagstaff, Arizona writes: “Sarah is an effective and gentle instructor, and the location was wonderful and the timing of the two-day workshop was perfect for someone like me, who is completely new to meditation. I am already handling my stress much better. Before I took the course, I was having near-constant stomach pains and insomnia. I’m already dealing with a busy holiday season and schoolwork better than I would have before. I am also becoming more disciplined and focused.  I recommend this course to anyone who would like to focus and handle stress in a healthier way.”

Marie Kokinos from Cottonwood, Arizona writes: “This meditation is the first one I’ve ever done that really quiets my mind (which is usually pretty chatty!) I love it!!  I’ve already given one of your cards to a friend…. she could use some serenity and harmony. My heartfelt thanks for a wonderful experience.”

Jerry, from Phoenix, Arizona writes: “Jane and I want to thank you for providing us with a perfect tool to help us with life.”

Michelle Stuart from Awatukee, Arizona writes: “Many things have changed my life- but I can honestly say that no experience has changed my life for the better like my meditation class yesterday did—and we are only on day one!  Thank you for everything.”

Joanne E., from Phoenix, Arizona writes: “I loved every moment. I now am meditating with increased enthusiasm more frequently. I also feel my life is taking a new direction. This started before the retreat and is stronger in attention and intention. Since the retreat, had some health issues have improved. It was all perfect. I felt so nurtured. I am still reveling in bliss.”

Lisa Fink from Cornville, Arizona writes: “Meditation is a delight and I am so enriched by it. I am happy and feel wonderful. I’m already signed up for all that will unfold and enfold. I got an answer to who am I? … I AM A SOUL INSIDE A BODY!  So simple, yet so profound.”

Amy Cacciatore from Tucson Arizona writes: “It was a great introduction into the world of meditation. I will benefit in so many ways and it was so good to see the encouragement of my husband. He was really supportive and interested in all that I had learned and even asked how he could find out his own personal mantra based on his birthday. Thanks again for an enlightening day.”

Claudia Wright from Phoenix Arizona writes: “I have to tell you how moved I am by learning to meditate. I knew this was out there and I finally have it thanks to you. I am so grateful for the experience. Every time I try to explain yesterday I start to cry. My life has changed in the direction that I wanted it to and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.  It was truly the most amazing thing I have ever done for myself. I am so grateful for this life-altering tool that has changed my life forever. I am still meditating although not two times a day every day. I am working on getting to that point. In just the short time I have meditated, I have noticed an amazing peace in my heart and life. I don’t know how to thank you. My friend Andrina who attended feels the same way. We couldn’t be happier about our experience.”

Lois from Scottsdale, Arizona writes: “Was expecting it to be how it was at your place every time! 🙂  That was an amazing experience I will not forget. I haven’t ever felt like that in my whole life. Thank you for that day. The memory of that meditation session is what keeps me going back to my chair every day.  I continue to practice twice a day, regardless of the outcome or circumstances of the day. I want it to become a habit. I think I might start a new series of paintings and prints inspired by the meditation at your casita, with gold seeds. It was so beautiful I can’t get it out of my mind.”

Stef Hendel from Carefree, Arizona writes: “Since the first meditation class, my life has improved tenfold. It is the best gift I have ever received in my entire life. I felt nervous and tense when I first came into the meditation room on Sunday, but left the room with a feeling of euphoria. I didn’t think that I would enjoy meditating in a group, but am glad that I tried it because it was a very special experience.”

Nancy J. Warren writes: “I continue to meditate at least once each day and it has made a big difference in my outlook on life and my ability to enjoy each day regardless of what is going on around me. Thanks again, Sarah.”

Karleen Clarke from Prescott, Arizona writes: “I just wanted to thank from the bottom of my heart for two very wonderful classes. I so enjoyed both classes and meeting you. Your passion and enthusiasm for your life and what you do is contagious. Please keep me on your e-mail list for upcoming events and your newsletter. I know our paths will cross again. P.S.  I have been up the last few mornings (5:45 am) and seen some wonderful sunrises. I am also in the last row at the Fry’s parking lot meditating before shopping. It is great.”

Jeff Cushman from Phoenix, Arizona writes: “Pamela and I thank you for your time this weekend. We left feeling refreshed and motivated. We are working on our sleep patterns and it seems to work well. We are both meditating twice a day.”

Karin Kelsey from Sedona, Arizona writes: “My sincere thanks for a lovely day. You are truly a perfect match to your work. You are a teacher to your core. I am hopeful that what I am learning, thanks to your instruction, will benefit me in my decision making process about my career and other potential changes. I apologize for not communicating sooner. I want you to know that while I struggle with ALL disciplines in my life… I have been challenged by fitting meditation into a daily routine. I keep the CD you sent me in the player, and occasionally will take 15 minutes to myself, as if I have to force myself to meditate. Until today. After a lunchtime hike up the mountain, I sat and spent 20 minutes in my mind. I found something in my meditation today that has seemingly changed me. Something moved in me Sarah, and I’m excited to explore this epiphany.”

Angela Ditch from Vancouver, Canada writes: “I wanted to drop you a note to thank you once again for the training you provided me last Saturday. I’ve have been fairly diligent in taking the time and have found my mind to often be running with thoughts. The one thing I do notice is that the time flies by and I seem to have a natural clock that checks once 30 minutes are over. I definitely feel more relaxed and rooted. This weekend is Thanksgiving in Canada and you are one of the many wonderful people who I have met that I wish to express my sincerest gratitude and appreciation.”

Lynne Montedonico from Sedona, Arizona writes: “I was extremely delighted with the experience and will continue the practice. A peacefulness, more control and more relaxed have been some of the changes in my life. I am generally calmer.”

Wesley Curl from Washington, DC writes: “I have been on a spiritual journey for about the last 10 years. Intellectually I was onboard with the power of thought/intention. But, on a deeper level I don’t know that I really believed. In part, in large part, it was because my mind worked overtime. I’m not an overwhelmingly negative or fearful person, but I hold a ton of subtle but powerful fears and insecurities. Those things really drove my mind constantly, really as a defensive (or maybe offensive) mechanism. One thing I noticed almost immediately after I began my practice is that those nagging fears had reduced power. They still exist but they only rise so high now, or alternatively, take me so low. I feel smarter in the sense that I have more direct, uncluttered access to my mind. Decisions have become easier to make. Most wonderful, perhaps, is that it feels that whatever I throw at the Universe as an intention it comes back to me.”

“I just wanted to drop a line to say thank you very much for showing me that a meditation practice is possible for me. The workshop was one of the few learning experiences I’ve had where I left feeling the 7% I may have truly absorbed was the 7% most important to changing my life. I am so happy that I finally got to have the experience to study Primordial Sound meditation.  I went into the experience hopeful, but pessimistic about my own ability to develop a meditation practice. I left with clarity about meditation that has enabled me to begin a practice that I am certain will change my life. I have meditated every day since I left; on airplanes at home and in my office. I’m still figuring out what works best for my practice, but I have a meditation practice!!!”

Amanda Sparling from Phoenix, Arizona writes: “There is something I wanted to share with you that I think is really cool every since Sedona. Things have probably been happening in sync since before I formally learned to meditate, but I have noticed more things matching up in timing on a daily basis. Just yesterday, I was listening to a song that I hadn’t heard in a very long time. Then, within about 2 hours I stopped by my friend’s to get ready for a Christmas party and she was playing that same song on her computer. One more example is phrasing that people have been saying to me that I always used to say growing up in Texas but have never said in front of them before. I think my desires are manifesting in different ways and it is fulfilling.”

Lucinda from Dallas, Texas writes: “I enjoyed the meditation and the silence. I think that you are good/great leaders—calm, positive and reassuring. I am leaving with gratitude tools to improve myself.”

Experiences at a Meditation Retreat in Sedona

Chris McNamara from Ontario, Canada writes: “I had no idea what to expect but it was incredible. The facilitators had great insight. I loved the energy and the setting and the group meditation is an amazing experience.”

Jana Holden writes: “Our meeting was a magnificent highlight of my visit to Sedona. The experience was invaluable and boosted my start to explore new spiritual horizons. I know there lies a huge potential within me to reach deeper while discovering who and what I truly am. I am also reading a book about writing and will at least attempt to journal daily. Words have always been my passion. I look forward to contacting with you in the future. I am certain that is not impossibility since we are consciously following the lead of our souls. You meditation method is easy to follow and understand. It’s also important that you exude a peaceful spiritual depth that makes everyone around you feel wonderful. Thank you again, I can’t tell you how lucky I feel that we met.”

Heather from Rancho Santa Fe, California writes: “You are all loves! Wonderful wonderful, wonderful! Changed my life forever. Absolutely the best experience of my life!! I couldn’t have prayed for better leaders. Sarah you’re a wonder and Andrea is a warrior!!”

Shele from Tucson, Arizona writes: “I loved everything. I think I loved everything because I didn’t have any expectations and came with a total open mind to receiving. I am so thankful for you and all the others for helping me with meditation, your talks and your beautiful spirit. You all are amazing and I feel so blessed to be a part of your retreat! I truly look forward to the next time!”

Stephanie M. from Sedona, Arizona writes: “What a beautiful weekend, thanks so much. I feel like this is the first time that I can really write about all that happened. It was very deep and wide for me. The work has really opened up a new avenue for growth.  It is awesome and truly life changing for myself. I feel like so much is changing inside me, I have really enjoyed my own company now, and meditation is awesome.”

JoAnn E. from Carefree, Arizona writes: “I loved every moment. It was full to the brim. I also feel my life is taking a new direction. This started before the retreat and is stronger in attention and intention. It was all perfect. I felt so nurtured. I am still reveling in bliss.”

Vera S. from Mesa, Arizona writes: “It was a wonderful experience. I got more than I intended out of the weekend, I am more at ease with who I am and who I am becoming.”

Maria from New River, Arizona writes: “I drove home feeling like I had just left my best friends! It was so fantastic to experience a connection with complete strangers; some I did not get a chance to even speak with, but I walked away with a warm sense of kinship. I know in my heart everyone at the retreat is there to support me on my journey, even if I never see them again. Thank you for being the conduit of light and joy.”

Karin K from Sedona, Arizona writes: “The retreat was awe-inspiring, relaxing and left me in a state of total peace. It was a timely addition to other things I’m learning about.”

Liz G. from Phoenix, Arizona writes: “Your meditation retreat exceeded my expectations. I just loved it. I receive a lot of power and insight in nature… surrounded by such beauty. The flow of the retreat was great… you shared such great information. You really have a lot of experiences and wisdom and your joy of sharing this knowledge really shows. The retreat was much more powerful than I had anticipated. Thanks so much for everything.”

Jeanna Z. from Chandler, Arizona writes: “People seek self-awareness and healing. I, for one, have searched for meaning and purpose for my entire adult life. If it’s in the self-help or psychology section of Amazon, I’ve read it. I’ve attended every ‘You Can Do It’, ‘Go for Your Dream’,’ ‘Buy Low; Sell High’ seminar out there. So, when I take pause to reflect— this journey inward was so profound for me, is actually still quite a shock… Sarah, how you captured the qualities of spirit and rolled them into the gift of this retreat is clearly your purpose. Thank you for doing what you do so well. The retreat was one of the most beautiful experiences of my life. By choosing the perfect leaders, the right activities and the most inspiring setting, you touched so many peoples’ lives and helped them wake up to their true potential. Before the retreat, my spiritual path was sinuous and sporadic at best. Now it is the only thing on my to-do list.”

Jan Lisonbee from California writes: The retreat heightened my awareness of my need to be gentle with myself.  It increased my internal calm.  I came back energized, rested, and in a positive frame of mind. … I’m recognizing how noisy my life is: too much activity, too many ambitions, and too many commitments.

Joyce Duchscherer from Sedona, Arizona writes: “I have to tell you again how much gratitude I feel for the gift you both gave at the retreat. It was so meaningful on so many different levels. I still am integrating the opening and loving the chants which I have been using before meditation. You both are very generous with the sharing of the fruits of your spiritual “labors”.  You two moved into a virtual oneness of self-expressing.”

“Kathy’s music is a gift of such lovingness and it set a tone for opening that felt so safe. Sarah is an amazing and natural teacher who has had a spectrum of spiritual experience that defies time and is an incredible blessing to everyone she attracts to her energy field. It was a beautiful experience to be there.”

Victoria Nelson from Sedona, Arizona writes: “Singing and being led into songs—what a rare experience in my adult life! I was surprised how music and singing deepened my meditations.”

Kim Briggs from Seattle, Washington writes: “Oh my goodness… the facilitators are truly inspiring! It is the beautiful union between meditation and uplifting music that make this retreat so unique and powerful. Sarah is blessed with the gift of empowering participants to search deep within themselves and has a wonderful way of making people feel safe and loved. Kathy is not only an incredible vocalist and pianist; she is blessed with the ability to move her audience. The lyrics to her songs and chants really made me reflect upon what was happening in my own life, and to make connections. Her gentleness and the pureness of her voice make her so precious.”

“I feel I left the retreat with an increased love of myself and a solid foundation for the practice of meditation. I also left with a profound respect for how individuals are capable of transformation when they are part of a supportive group. It is because of this safe and nurturing environment that people are able to open their hearts, share their experiences, learn about themselves and help others along the way.”

Ann Meredith from Buckeye Arizona writes: “I left the retreat with a calm mind and loving heart. I felt calm, centered and peaceful. Ideally, I would like to live my life from that place and I hope now that when I feel myself moving away from it I will be more conscious of it so that I can help myself return to that place.  Sarah was open, accepting, and loving. She lead the program in a calm, relaxed manner that allowed all the participants to learn and grow according to their own needs. For me, in particular, I felt she created a safe and peaceful environment so that I could become more open and receptive to learning how to meditate. Kathy’s beautiful voice and music filled the room with love.”

Experiences at the Creative Soul Writing Retreat for Women (formerly the Yoga of Writing Retreat)

Cindie Hubiak, Scottsdale, Arizona writes: “Every woman owes herself time to retreat, to learn about herself and experience expansive personal growth. The Yoga of Writing Retreat provides a woman this gift that benefits her and all those around her.”

Victoria D. from Phoenix, Arizona writes: “My expectations of the retreat were high and it met every one of them. I was thrilled to learn how to meditate and the absolute importance of it. As well, how much I learned about myself and my writing through meditation. Most importantly I am able to embrace that which I was in fear of and harness it, then use it in my writing.  There is now unyielding depth and substance to all that I write. I am that, not this… and I am excited. The gifts and tools I brought back with me are priceless and will never stop giving. I thank you infinitely…”

Lana Angel from Texas writes: “Thank you both so much for such a great retreat. It far exceeded my expectations. Both of you combine a lovely and unique combination of professionalism and easy warmth. This retreat was so marvelous that words fail me—ironic for a writing retreat, yes? I could do this again and again and it would be different each time.”

Donna Stina from Texas writes: “I loved, loved, loved the retreat. It was amazing and my experience lifted me up as well as grounded me into peace. It was just what the doctor ordered. Thank you so much for the wealth of knowledge you are, the awesome leadership and beautiful spiritual guidance.”

Mary Thrash from Dallas Texas writes: “You are skilled outstanding individuals with various ways to reach us and help us become aware—if not begin to overcome our obstacles. I’m leaving with a priority list: taking care of me, enrolling in brain power, memory tape classes, facial, hair color and new bras!”

Ann from Austin Texas writes: “My next step is to offer myself the same forgiveness I offer to other souls and allow myself to be fully born in my creative passion.”

Carrie from Boulder, Colorado writes: “I am leaving with a sense of peace about my life, knowing I can go inside and access that peaceful, calm place anytime, anywhere. I learned how very deeply how nourishing meditation can be. I loved the connections with the other women. I love hearing everyone’s writings and rekindling my love to write and use words. I’m so grateful.”

Lee H. from Austin Texas writes: “I am leaving with a true sense of well being. I feel that I have nurtured myself, listened to myself, given myself permission that I so often ignore. I am leaving with gratitude for the time and space that I was given. I leave feeling so empowered by being on this property amidst other women that are both physically here and those here in spirit. I feel inspired renewed, recharged. My feet are on the ground, my eyes are open. Thank you both for the gifts you bestow.”

Jan from Austin Texas writes: “I had a great comfort level with the facilitators and the other women which helped me share some very personal information. I am fairly suspicious of the hidden agendas of some groups and leaders and was genuinely surprised to witness the authenticity of the facilitators and their knowledge of both meditating & writing. They seem to ‘walk their talk’ which is important when teaching or leading others.  I learned a lot, feel inspired, and a bit overwhelmed by what is still needed to do & accomplish.”

Leslie from Austin Texas writes: “I am leaving with a sense of peace and clarity of what is important to me and new ways through writing to get in better touch with myself, my voice, and some new insights. I also have a feeling of gratitude for this event showing up at such a time of need.”

Kiara & Tarona from Tucson Arizona write: “Thank you for the tremendous gift of sharing, the moments of reflection, the tears and the laughter. We leave richer in spirit & experience. We are happy our paths have crossed.”

Julie Burillo from Phoenix Arizona writes: “I honestly had no expectations (about this retreat). My intention was to create a new spiritual experience to honor myself on a weekend that holds meaning. What I came away with is the most incredible, transformational experience of my life. Serene and peaceful, the meals were delicious, the lodging perfect. It takes courage to do something like this especially with a group of strangers.   My favorite part was giving my words a voice. I never knew what would come from the writings and found myself sharing personal stories in a genuinely loving & kind environment. I left the retreat feeling empowered and hopeful. Since returning home, I make it a point to meditate every morning without fail.   I find myself wishing I was back with Sarah and Victoria with their gentle encouragement and look for ways to reconnect with their energy. This was the culmination of my rebirth. Profoundly deep, I am moving forward into a new direction.  Not sure exactly where it is leading, but for me to love, be love, give love, is living my truth!  I feel alive for the first time! What I notice is how I immediately feel a person’s energy, and when it is low or negative, I move easily away. In the past, I would have taken it on, allowed my unease and fear to take me down. The journey continues, but with a lightness to my step, a renewed confidence and grace. Thank you.”

Linda Michaels, MA Psych, CPDT, Dog Psychologist and Trainer from San Diego, California writes: “Oh my gosh, I was so pleasantly surprised and happy about every aspect of the retreat! It more than met what I hoped might happen to me, what I learned, felt, explored and was able to take home… and with the women that gently, inspirationally and intelligently guided me and the others who attended. Thank you for providing me with this opportunity to change and improve the quality of my life in less than two days!  My favorite part of the retreat was the guidance on how to meditate, and how to write. I had wondered beforehand what in the world we would be writing about… then it was all clear.  I also loved the price… I must say, that were it much higher, I could not have attended because although my clients are wealthy, I’m not… yet. Thank you for putting it all into a “woman’s” world. It being a women’s retreat was very, very attractive to me as I can really relax and relate with women in most all endeavors in my life. We are so cool!  I loved connecting with the fascination women who shared the experience with me.  Since returning home, I’ve been meditating in the morning before I do anything except brush my teeth. I can’t believe I’ve found or made the time to meditate. I love taking this time for me before I work out, although I’m going to try after working out with the endorphins flowing and see what happens!”

“My great hope was that I might find something I could take home with me from this vacation that would help me in my life. Help me to relax when I’m not on vacation because I tend to work too intently and have a hard time stopping. I didn’t really believe I would find something… but I have… I feel better. Less TV, more me—more deliberate and less anxiety. Wow. What a gift you both gave us. I so look forward to coming to Maine next July (2010) hopefully, and see you both again on some magical island you’ve discovered for us.”

Anne Vetter from Scottsdale Arizona writes: The retreat was a wonderful experience. I loved meeting Sarah and Victoria who are so loving, authentic and guiding us in an empowering way and meeting the other women who are inspiring in their own way and getting along as if we were to know each other forever. I went home feeling more centered and knowing better what I need to do. I felt comfortable and understood in this group—and was able to share insights without feeling embarrassed. It gave me a lot of strength to continue on my path. The Briar Pitch Inn is a retreat itself.  Since returning home, I meditate in the mornings and if possible in the eve. And I’ve noticed that I am more aware and focused while doing things (less multi-tasking). And I realize that my mind and body need more relaxation time and that I want to make time for creative things and things-I-love to do.  I realize that my heart often speaks to me but I did not hear it. I will pay attention more to it.”

Janice Carter from Sedona, Arizona writes: “The retreat met my expectation and then some. I thought that both personalities of Sarah and Victoria blend so beautifully to provide and loving and support environment. My favorite part of the retreat was being together to share our meals and chat , sharing Sat. night  around the table for hours in great conversation and sitting in the near rain after walking in silence down to the creek.  Since returning home, the meditation has become a part of my day. It has centered me, my relationships with others are more relaxed, and I have a more positive outlook on life.”

Stacy Thrash from Austin Texas writes: “I am so am in a place of not wanting to go back to sleep! I truly think our paths crossed at just the right time for me, and I so appreciate your encouragement as I continue on this journey of trusting in the unknown. Be open. Trust. Be open. Trust. That’s the mantra I continue. I meditated tonight for the first time in 2009, and I feel the clarity returning. Sarah, thank you for teaching me, in one weekend, the meditation skills I need to support myself to move forward and not go back to sleep. I am sharing with everyone as one of my favorite things was meeting people, getting a glimpse into other women’s life’s, sharing items that I still ask where did that all come from, feeling inspired to write that way… I came to learn to meditate and go to a quiet place and to see what I would write about if I relaxed. Favorite memories were listening for content and hearing people’s stories.”

“I left behind some old memories that probably will be buried for years—that is a good thing! I took away a warm safe feeling and a stronger belief in the power of women and words. It was awesome—now I just try to keep the glow! I got what I came for, clarity and new ways of finding and getting in touch with the peace inside of me. I left behind the idea that clarity needs to be a clear, defined direction. Instead clarity can be getting clear as in a process. I am still on a journey of trusting the unknown and letting clarity happen through my experiences, writing and meditating. I so am in a place of not wanting to go back to sleep! I truly think our paths crossed at just the right time for me, and I so appreciate your encouragement as I continue on this journey of trusting in the unknown. Be open. Trust. Be open. Trust. That’s the mantra I continue. I meditated tonight for the first time in 2009, and I feel the clarity returning.  Sarah, thank you for teaching me, in one weekend, the meditation skills I need to support myself to move forward and not go back to sleep.”

Starr Ladehoff from Sedona, Arizona writes: “I came because I wanted to be inspired to write again.  It had been at least ten years.  I have wanted to write for a long time but always came up with excuses.  I also wanted to do something just for me, not my child, not my husband-not any of the normal responsibilities.  I am learning to do more for myself—be more proactive in my life instead of reactive.”

What Program Sponsors Are Saying

“Thanks so much again for your fantastic presentation, ‘Discovering What You Really Want.’ Your appearance attracted a great audience and I know everyone thoroughly enjoyed it. Meditation is truly your gift and talent and the exercises helped me sleep better than I have in years!“  Bonni Bostian, Client Relations Specialist, Solis Women’s Health Phoenix

“We fully enjoyed the evening presentation ‘Mindfulness Moments—Reduce Your Stress,’ at the Spirit of Women’s program, Girls’ Night Out. The participants loved it. Sarah is a very professional and has a wonderful aura about her.” Wendy Tee, Program Director, Banner Desert Medical Center, Phoenix

“It was a pleasure to have you speak during our ‘Brain Fitness’ program with Boomerz. We think of you often and really enjoyed your presentation ‘Can Meditation Save My Mind?’ We also look forward to working with you in the future.” Lisa Mitchell, Business Development Manager, Evercare Healthplans, Phoenix

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