Power of Attention Workshop

Power of Attention Events with Sarah McLean 2017


Sedona, Arizona
Friday, July 7
5:00-7:00 pm
Power of Attention Presentation & Book Signing
Andrea Smith Gallery
Tlaquepaque, 336 SR 179

Anywhere You Are
Tuesday, July 11
The Power of Attention
An Interview with Lauren Galey, Quantum Conversations


Sedona, Arizona
August 4-12
Meditation Teacher Academy Intensive
Agave Center, SR 89A
(928) 204-0067 or registrar@mcleanmeditation.com

Sedona, Arizona
Saturday, August 5
10:00 am-1:00 pm
Meditation & Mindfulness Class
Agave Center, SR 89A
(928) 204-0067


Boone, North Carolina
September 8-10
Power of Attention Retreat
Art of Living Retreat Center, Heavenly Mountain

Stuart, Florida
Tuesday, September 12
6:00 – 8:00 pm
Power of Attention Presentation & Book Signing
The Mindful Path

Scottsdale, Arizona
Wednesday, September 20
6:00-8:00 pm
Power of Attention Presentation
Conscious Connections
Starfire Golf Club
11500 N. Hayden Rd.


Co. Cork, Ireland
October 6-14
Meditation Teacher Academy Intensive
Castlemartyr Resort
In Europe: 085 7214170 or suzi@mcleanmeditation.com
In USA (928) 204-0067 or registrar@mcleanmeditation.com

Co. Cork, Ireland
Saturday, October 7
10:00 am -1:00 pm
Meditation & Mindfulness Class
Castlemartyr Resort
In Europe: 085 7214170 or suzi@mcleanmeditation.com
In USA (928) 204-0067 or registrar@mcleanmeditation.com

Paradise Valley, Arizona
October 29-November 1
Satori Meditation & Mindfulness Retreat
Sanctuary Resort on Camelback Mountain


Sedona, Arizona
December 9-10
Creative Soul: A Writing & Meditation Retreat for Women
McLean Meditation Institute

Sedona, Arizona
December 10-14
Self Love Retreat
Mii amo Spa
Enchantment Resort, Boynton Canyon,
(844) 993-9518

Scottsdale, Arizona
Wednesday, December 13
5:30 - 7:30 pm
Writing the Power of Attention
Scottsdale Society of Women Writers
Starfire Golf Club
11500 N. Hayden Rd.

Sedona, Arizona
December 31- January 1
Be the Peace New Year’s Eve Retreat
McLean Meditation Institute
411 SR 179
(928) 204-0067 or

About The Power of Attention:

What has your attention right now?

Did you know that your freely given attention is the most powerful expression of love?

Your attention is your superpower. It’s truly one of the most important ingredients for living a powerful, purposeful, love-filled life.

Your attention is a currency, and what you pay it to is enlivened in your life. Your ability to pay attention—to direct it where you want to and when you want to—is vital to that end.

Unfortunately, most people maintain a continuous partial attention. That means they’re not truly engaged, but instead, are kind of half listening or half paying attention, and this makes them easily distracted by demands from their to-do lists, their various mental musings, or their electronic companions. They are not able to pay attention on purpose. They squander this precious currency.

Discover with simple mindfulness tools and meditation techniques to reclaim your attention and enhance your ability to be more present, self-aware, and focused. how to easily tune in to and become more aware of the love that lives through you as you, and that calls you forth to live an extraordinary life.

Praise for The Power of Attention:

The Power of Attention is a journey into the nature of awareness which reveals how your simple focus not only enlivens your being, it also leads to the fulfillment of your innermost desires.

–          Deepak Chopra, Author, You Are the Universe

What we focus on expands! The Power of Attention is an invaluable guide for anyone seeking to regain the power of attention and discover its source: the vibration of universal love that is our natural state of being.  

–          James Van Praagh, Spiritual Medium & author of The Power of Love

Meditation is one of the great joys of my life. Sarah’s teachings, her story, and her humor really left an impression on me. Even the energy in her meditation studio in Sedona was powerful. This book is a great way to tap into her wealth of knowledge to gain support on your journey to awakening to love.

–          India Arie – Grammy Award winning Singer, Songwriter, SongVersationalist

This book offers brilliant guidance on cultivating the power of your attention through meditation and mindfulness training.  Sarah McLean masterfully imparts essential wisdom that will transform your perspective on life, love, and fulfillment.

–          Marci Shimoff, #1 NY Times bestselling author, Happy for No Reason

If you want to become radically alive, harness the power of your mind. Sarah McLean is a true teacher who will show you how. She’s trekked the world, studied with masters, read the science and spent decades personally experiencing her own greatest love within through meditation. Now she puts this grounded, easy-to-apply, vital wisdom at our fingertips. Get ready for infinite love.

–          Tama Kieves, USA Today featured visionary career coach & author of Inspired & Unstoppable and A Year Without Fear

Sarah McLean lifts lessons from her decades of work with meditation, filters them through real-life experience, and offers us a surprisingly practical, reliable guide to growth. Her message that we must learn to pay attention is striking, and right on. This is not the work of an idle self-help dreamer; it is the harvest of a life of spiritual insight. To know Sarah is to know love: deep, profound, unquestioned love. In The Power of Attention, she puts that love within reach of every reader.

–          Mary Fisher, Political activist, artist & author

The Power of Attention is a treasured-filled discourse on how to regain the power of attention and how to discover its source: the powerful field of loving awareness that lives through you as you. It’s a beautifully written insightful and inspiring read.

–          Colette Baron- Reid ; intuition expert, spiritual medium, and author of Uncharted


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