Meditation Retreats in Sedona, Arizona

Creative Soul Women's Writing Retreat

The Creative Soul Women’s Writing Retreat helps women access their true creativity. You don’t have to be especially artistic, poetic, or clear. You simply need a desire to write and delve into self-awareness—if only for a weekend…


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Everyone needs a little time to unplug from their hectic lives now and again. The Soul Radiance Retreat is the ideal solution to do just that. It’s a one-of-a-kind meditation retreat vacation with Hay House author Sarah McLean held in….


Be the Peace: New Years Retreat

Join us for the 4th annual Be The Peace: New Year’s Meditation Retreat and be the peace you want to see in the world. Bring in the new year with deep meditation and mystical music, lead by Sarah McLean, and mystical musician recording artist, Ani Williams….



Gift yourself a weekend vacation retreat in mystical Sedona. Best-selling author Sarah McLean, founder of the McLean Meditation Institute, is offering a leisurely, yet transformative opportunity to unplug and recharge. Learn how to meditate and relax in the natural beauty…



Experience the power of kundalini in a two-day intensive at the McLean Meditation Institute, led by Martin Birrittella. From his own experience Marty will discuss the internal workings of kundalini. Experience a sublime, mysterious, and transformative energy…


Study Groups & Workshops


Imagine if you could comfortably say, “I know myself, I trust myself, I love myself.” For many, one of the biggest obstacles to personal growth is lack of self love. Now, in this 6-week series, you can enhance your relationship to …




Attend the Meditation, Yoga & Ayurveda Retreat with meditation expert, Sarah McLean, and Vedic Educator, Suzi Von Mensenkampff. Reconnect with your spirit, awaken to your full potential and renew yourself…



Explore your relationship to food, cravings, and your body. Learn to be free from the anxiety and guilt that can accompany the simple act of nourishing yourself. Liberate yourself from dieting, overindulging, and falling for food fads. Discover simple, mindful practices to establish a happy and healthy …


  • From the first opportunity I met her I knew that Sarah could help me to learn to do what she does—help others realize their full potential. Sarah helped me to translate my thoughts and ideas into action. By working with her I discovered exactly what I was longing to do—help women discover God's purpose for their lives!

    Kelly Cook Rimrock, Arizona
  • My intention was to give myself a meaningful weekend to honor myself. Not only did I honor myself, I had the most incredible, transformational experience of my life.

    Julie Burillo Retreat Participant
  • Your meditation class was an amazing experience that I will not forget. After meditating with you, I haven’t ever felt like that in my whole life. Thank you.

    Lois Scottsdale, Arizona
  • After taking the meditation program, I am more clear of what I need and want, and more trusting of my inner voice. I no longer take anti-depressants which I have been on for years. I feel more secure in my self and my life.

    Judy F. Counselor

Immerse yourself in meditation and reconnect to the deepest part of you.

Many people desire a meaningful vacation—that’s the aim of meditation retreats. Whether for a day, a weekend, or even a whole month, a meditation retreat is a period of time away from your everyday activities, distractions, and responsibilities. During this retreat you have a unique opportunity to develop more self-awareness and appreciation for life. You will experience more clarity and peace which will result in mind-body healing.

The meditation retreats featured through the McLean Meditation Institute are themed to address issues many of us face in our daily lives. Some meditation retreats focus on cultivating creativity, or uncovering and healing a particular emotional issue. Other meditation retreats are religious, and can include prayer, or other spiritual practices. Many are secular in nature and are attended by those who are looking for stress reduction, healing, and a new perspective on life. A meditation retreat leaves a lasting impression. Take some time to explore our upcoming retreats and workshops, both in our Sedona home among the majestic red rocks, or those that we bring to other serene locations around the world.

A meditation retreat creates a memory of feeling whole and good—what your life can be. It’s one of the touchstones for more meaningful life and a new perspective. McLean Meditation Institute’s retreats are secular in nature yet can be deeply spiritual. Its safe atmosphere designed to encourage participants to find out what’s inside: who they are and what they really want, and to become more intimate with their own awareness and their own life.

The retreats include powerful meditation practices, mindfulness experiences, time in nature, and gentle yoga. There is always time for silence, recreation, and focused discussions, and it’s guaranteed that you’ll discover something new about yourself.

Everyone will dive deep into meditation—whether they are new at it or are seasoned meditators. Meditation is a very subtle yet undeniably powerful practice to create more balance in the body, spaciousness in the mind, and a new appreciation for everything and everyone in your life. Our goal is to teach a deep practice of meditation so you can to create an opportunity to retreat every single day. The meditation itself is the retreat. And when you return home, your new awareness will follow. The changes may be subtle at first. You might order something different on a menu, have more patience with your children, or notice you are less concerned about what people think. You might feel more balanced, peaceful, creative, or confident. There also could be more profound changes as you explore your relationship to your job, or where you live, or you find  a renewed purpose or passion in life.

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