Become a Certified Meditation Teacher

MMI is approved as a post-secondary institution offering an 18-month professional certificate training program for teaching meditation & mindfulness. 

Are you seeking a life infused with more creativity and inner peace? Would you like to enhance your personal meditation practice and make your work in the world more meaningful?

The Meditation Teacher Academy applies scientifically-proven meditation techniques to help you become an inspiring teacher and trusted mentor. During your training you will be guided by certified, experienced professionals. Learning to meditate can be a fundamentally transformative experience, essential for those longing to live peacefully in our modern world. Teaching meditation expands this experience. By sharing the power of mindfulness & meditation with your students, family, clients, or patients, you can help them discover newfound strength, vitality, creativity, and well-being in their everyday lives.

We believe a new meditator should be mentored by a certified, experienced professional who can deliver comprehensive meditation instruction. We know that each student, if taught correctly, will continue to meditate on their own and experience the benefits that meditation provides. Start your journey today and spread world peace—one central nervous system at a time!

The Meditation Teacher Training is ideal for:

  • Physicians, Nurses, Midwives
  • Psychologists, Therapists, Counselors, Social Workers, Addiction Professionals
  • Massage Therapists, Physical Therapists, Acupuncturists, Healers
  • Educators, Elementary and High School Teachers, College Professors
  • Yoga Teachers, Pilates Instructors, Fitness Trainers, Fitness Gurus
  • Healers, Health & Wellness Coaches
  • Anyone seeking to share a powerful, natural stress-reduction and healing modality with people they care about

Program Details

Application & Fees

Apply to the Meditation Teacher Academy

Admissions for the Meditation Teacher Academy are rolling, start the training at any time. To apply, you must submit the Student Application & Health Information Form, 200–500 word essay on why you would like to become a meditation teacher, two personal recommendations written by people who support you and your commitment to be a meditation & mindfulness teacher, and a $35 non-refundable application fee.


Questions? Contact the Registrar at 928-204-0067 or by email to

Program Tuition & Enrollment

Once your application is received, you will you will receive instructions for scheduling a telephone interview. Qualified applicants will be invited to enroll in the program, and will receive an Enrollment Agreement and a Course Catalog (download a printable course catalog here). Enrollees will be asked to review, sign, and submit the agreement along with the tuition payment and course material fee.

Tuition for the Meditation Teacher Academy is $3295 plus $150 course material fee. Tuition includes the Meditation Foundation Course and the Teacher Training Intensive programming. Transportation, accommodations, and meals are not included.

Once enrolled, MMI will mail the Meditation Foundation Course home study package with nine books, a CD, and a 120+ page study guide. You will also receive instructions for accessing to the private online training sites, and teleseminars. Each student is assigned a course advisor to meet with regularly via phone, Skype, and/or email. After successfully completing the Meditation Foundation Course, you’ll be ready to attend the Teacher Training Intensive, a meditation retreat and teaching practicum that is required and completes the certification requirement.

  • From the first opportunity I met her I knew that Sarah could help me to learn to do what she does—help others realize their full potential. Sarah helped me to translate my thoughts and ideas into action. By working with her I discovered exactly what I was longing to do—help women discover God's purpose for their lives!

    Kelly Cook Rimrock, Arizona
  • My intention was to give myself a meaningful weekend to honor myself. Not only did I honor myself, I had the most incredible, transformational experience of my life.

    Julie Burillo Retreat Participant
  • Your meditation class was an amazing experience that I will not forget. After meditating with you, I haven’t ever felt like that in my whole life. Thank you.

    Lois Scottsdale, Arizona
  • After taking the meditation program, I am more clear of what I need and want, and more trusting of my inner voice. I no longer take anti-depressants which I have been on for years. I feel more secure in my self and my life.

    Judy F. Counselor

Frequently Asked Questions

Is teaching meditation right for you?

If you are looking for more passion, meaning, and purpose in your life, then the teacher path may be right for you. As a meditation teacher you will act as a guide for others who wish to gain the benefits of meditation. If you want to deepen the work you’re already doing in the world and feel called to serve through teaching meditation, the Meditation Teacher Academy teacher certification program is designed for you.

The Meditation Teacher Academy offers a complete course in the theory, science, and practice of meditation. The program is designed to prepare you to deliver professional meditation instruction. You’ll receive the specialized training necessary to teach mindfulness, various meditation practices, and Simple, Easy, Every Day (SEED) Meditation—a powerful daily meditation practice suitable for anyone.

Meditation Teacher Training is ideal for:

  • Healthcare Professionals
  • Mental Health Professionals
  • Body Work and Healing Professionals
  • Educators
  • Fitness Instructors
  • Health and Wellness Coaches
  • Anyone wants to contribute to world peace
What does it take to be a great meditation teacher?

Meditation teachers provide a unique service to those seeking balance and peace. Some traits and habits particularly beneficial to becoming a great meditation teacher include:

  • A dedicated, daily, sustained personal meditation practice.
  • A deep knowledge of the mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual benefits of meditation.
  • Personal experience with the tangible benefits of meditation, and the ability to articulate them.
  • Mental, physical, and emotional balance.
  • A grounded, yet light-hearted approach to life and meditation.
  • Respect for each person’s personal beliefs and values, no matter how different from one’s own.
Who is teaching the program?

Sarah McLean, founder and director of the McLean Meditation Institute, meditation expert, and best-selling Hay House author is the primary teacher of the Meditation Teacher Academy. Sarah has been teaching meditation and leading retreats since 1993. Sarah invites guest presenters, experts in teaching and the field of meditation, and those who have lived with meditation as a daily practice for years to assist with the program. She is committed to delivering the most comprehensive meditation certification program possible. Sarah oversees and participates in every aspect of the Meditation Teacher Academy teacher training program.

Adjunct faculty members include a top-notch yoga instructor, speaking coach, marketing and social media experts, brain science and physiology instruction, along with program graduates who serve as teaching assistants.

How do I enroll in the meditation teacher training program?

First you must apply to the Meditation Teacher Academy by submitting the completed application, a brief 200-500 word essay introducing yourself, and sharing why you are interested in teaching meditation, two letters of recommendations, and the application fee. Once we receive all the application documents, and the application fee, we will contact you to schedule an interview. If you are selected to enroll, you will receive an Enrollment Agreement and course catalogue. Return the signed Agreement and pay the tuition. Welcome instructions will be emailed to you, along with an introduction to your course advisor.

When should I apply?

Enrollments are rolling. Begin the self-paced course at any time. You will have 18 months from the date of enrollment to complete the program.

Are work study programs or scholarships available?

We do our best to keep tuition costs down in order to provide an affordable training opportunity. The Meditation Teacher Academy does not provide scholarships or work exchange opportunities.

Describe the Meditation Foundation Course

There are 10 lessons in the Meditation Foundation Course. Each lesson requires 10–15 hours to complete. Depending on your pace, each lesson can take from one to three weeks. To plan how long it will take you to complete the course, determine how much time you can allot per week and figure out how long it would take to complete the 150 hours of reading, assignments, and practice. For example, if you allot 10 hours a week, then you could complete your distance learning in three to four months.

A private secure online resource page is where you will access teleseminars, videos, online quizzes, and more. You will be writing, journaling, practicing meditation, and gathering research, and sharing many of these exercises with a study buddy from the program.

The teleseminars are ongoing. The live calls are announced, but they are also recorded so you can begin listening at any time. It is suggested that you wait until you are involved in the lesson that the teleseminar is based on before listening. It’s your choice.

You’ll need to keep up your daily meditation practice of 30–40 minutes for a minimum of one year. It’s an issue of integrity and we ask our teachers to walk the walk. If you don’t have an ongoing personal practice, we’ll help you to establish one, however you won’t be able to attend the Intensive until you’ve been immersed in a daily meditation practice for one full year.

Your will submit your completed assignments at least 21 days before you arrive for your scheduled Intensive.

Tell me about the Teacher Training Intensive

You will indicate the Intensive program you would like to attend on your Enrollment Agreement. This reserves your place. To be officially registered you must be on track to complete the Meditation Foundation Course and send in your assignments at least 21 days before the start of the Intensive. If you find you are not ready to attend the Intensive, you are allowed one Intensive date change at no charge, as long as you let us know in writing at least 30 days in advance of the Intensive date you were scheduled to attend. We limit Intensive attendance to 27 to make sure the retreats remain intimate and students get the right amount of personal attention. This retreat provides the final 50 hours of teacher training. The days are long and filled with activity. This is not a good time to try to coordinate a family vacation while you are in class. You will need your evenings for homework, meditation, and sleep.

When students arrive in Sedona, Arizona for the Teacher Training Intensive where do they stay?

The Teacher Training Intensive programs are held at the Agave Center in Sedona, and at various off-site locations less than two miles away from the McLean Meditation Institute. Participants can stay wherever they choose, and there are many options for accommodations. You can visit our Sedona Resources page to find out how to get to Sedona and where to stay. Many students make plans to share rides and rooms. You will meet quite a few other students in the program online, and can make plans ahead of time.

What is the weather like?

The coldest month in Sedona is December. There is sometimes a light dusting of snow, and Sedona looks like a magical scene. If there is a snowstorm, the drive over the pass (going north on I-17) is a bit difficult, so you would have to plan around it. The hottest month is June, when temperatures can reach over 100 degrees. Since temperatures can fluctuate up to 40 degrees in one day, you’ll want to check the local weather forecast before you pack.

Will I have ongoing support once I complete the program?

At the end of this teacher training, you will have mastered your teaching skills, and be prepared to teach meditation immediately. To support you in your teaching ambitions, we provide a Dropbox full of teacher resources—lesson plans, research, presentations, book study outlines, and more. You will also be invited to join a web-based community of MMI certified teachers, where you will have access to regularly scheduled support teleseminars, and the opportunity to attend our Meditation Teacher Symposium in Sedona, offered every two years.

What teaching opportunities are available once I am certified?

There are over one million people learning how to meditate each year in the U.S. alone! People are seeking certified meditation professionals to teach meditation and mindfulness skills. While some individuals view meditation as a path to enlightenment, many more are interested in a secular approach to helping manage day-to-day stress, improve sleep, increase concentration, and help alleviate some chronic health concerns. The door is wide open for sharing a variety of meditation techniques with the populations you will serve.

In addition to completing the program, what else do I need to teach meditation?

You will need confidence, creativity, willingness, and an entrepreneurial spirit. Meditation will help you cultivate these qualities and more. You will be in a position to build your credibility with experience and exposure. This could include setting up free appearances, writing articles, and marketing yourself and your programs in print, TV, radio, social media, and on websites and blogs. You’ll have a tribe of MMI teachers cheering you on

Faculty & Guest Teachers

Meditation Teacher Training in Sedona With Sarah McLean

A Message from Sarah

I am so excited to invite you to be a part of this program!

This Meditation Teacher Academy is a program I developed based on my of 20+ years of experience teaching meditation, and the work for my first book and the breakthrough program it features: Soul-Centered: Transform Your Life in 8 Weeks with Meditation. It’s a guide for anyone wishing to develop ameditation & meditative practice. It’s inspired by and based on my own spiritual journey: an adventure which took me to a Zen Buddhist training center where I spent years in residence; to ashrams and temples throughout India and the Far East where I meditated and worked for months on end; to a nunnery in north India for Tibetan Buddhist Nuns in exile where I taught English; and into an immersion of an ancient mind/body health practices from India called Ayurveda that enhanced my understanding of meditation as the primary approach to healing and stress reduction.

I have been teaching meditation since 1993, and have assisted in the development of curriculum and courses for leading-edge authors and educators, among them such notables as Debbie Ford, Margo Anand, and Byron Katie. I also served as the founding education director for the Chopra Center. My varied experiences have made one thing is clear: I am passionate about education.

After the launch of my first book I’ve had many requests to teach people all over the world to meditate. Though I’d like to, I can’t teach everybody myself, but I certainly want everyone to learn. It’s becoming more and more apparent that there’s a real need for quality meditation teachers who can walk into a corporation, a healthcare facility, or a classroom and offer a variety of contemporary meditation modalities that are not tied to of any religious tradition. This is why I created this professional meditation teacher certification program.

Once someone earns their certificated with the Meditation Teacher Academy, their name, email, and web address can be listed on our website so that anyone looking to learn meditation can be sure find the closest teacher. Graduate meditation teachers are invited to contact me anytime for mentorship so they can become the meditation instructor they want to be. I hope you’ll consider being a part of this transformative program and the community of teachers that are helping to change the world!