Katherine Taylor RobinsonSt. Petersburg, Florida

    Katherine began her meditation journey back in 2008 after spending many years looking outside of herself for answers and fulfillment. She began a meditation practice and found it to be an incredibly fulfilling experience that allowed her to retrain her mind to be more focused, balanced and compassionate. She found she was able to be more aligned with her values which opened up an opportunity to form a deeper relationship with herself. After spending many months breathing deeper,following mantras and tuning into her power within, she experienced many positive changes in her life and she realized the true connection she had been searching for was within herself. She also experienced incredible stress relief and was able to greatly reduce her level of tension and anxiety. She began teaching classes and leading workshops and knew that she had found her passion spreading knowledge and creating peaceful and healing spaces for people to do this kind of work.

    Katherine is a graduate of the the University of Vermont, where she majored in Psychology & Anthropology. She has also done graduate training in mental health counseling and is certified by the McLean Meditation Institute, which has allowed her to deepen her studies in the art of meditation and relaxation. Her passions are teaching meditation, exploring the healing vibrations of sound and motivating and inspiring others to be the best that they can be. She has also been certified as a trained facilitator of group empowerment drumming through Remo Drum Corporation and enjoys facilitating drum circles in order to connect people on a deeper level.

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    St. Petersburg, Florida

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