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Sowing the seeds of peace 

The McLean Meditation Institute® is a worldwide leader in professional meditation teacher instruction and one of the leading meditation and  mindfulness training companies in the U.S.  Its Meditation Teacher Academy® offers an extensive teacher training program for those who want to become teachers of a meditation and mindfulness, and is dedicated to educating meditation instructors to the highest standards of excellence.

Headquartered in Sedona, Arizona, MMI is a destination for anyone who wants to learn to meditate or deepen their meditation practice. With its mindfulness and meditation classes, study groups, drop-in meditation sessions, and weekend meditation retreats, including the Soul Radiance Mindfulness & Meditation Retreat and the Creative Soul Women’s Writing Retreat, there’s a program for everyone. There are also online programs for those who want to study from home.

MMI was founded by Sarah McLean in 2006 after 20 years of a deep, personal meditation practice and in-depth experience working in the field of personal transformation, including heading up the education programs at Deepak Chopra’s center in California. Sarah is a best-selling Hay House author and sought-after speaker who makes meditation easy for anyone. She is dedicated to creating more peace on this planet. Read more about her here.

Would you like more peace and less stress?

Many people meditate to experience inner peace and to find meaning and purpose in their lives.  Meditation awakens creativity, helps people find mental, physical and emotional balance, and it can help you to feel good again.

Would you like to be more focused and less distracted? Meditation is like a reset button for your mind and body, and helps you to reduce stress and regain the balance that seems so elusive. You have probably heard the benefits of meditation, and perhaps it’s time you got some of them!

When you learn to meditate at the McLean Meditation Institute you’ll learn what meditation is and isn’t; how to be more focused and mindful; and how to be more inspired, creative, and live a more fulfilling life.

MMI offers mindfulness and meditation training in the Simple, Easy, Every Day Meditation, or SEED Meditation. It’s offered a few times a month in Sedona, Arizona and around the world. (Find an MMI Certified Meditation & Mindfulness Teacher in your area.)

Where should you start?

It all depends on you. Here are some suggestions from meditation mentor, Sarah McLean:

  • Some people want to take meditation one step at a time. So to start, they listen to my popular Meditate CD which includes instruction in meditation and three powerful guided meditations. Listen to a selection of meditations here for free.
  • Others order my best-selling meditation book to guide them in a step-by-step program: Soul-Centered, Transform Your Life in 8 Weeks with Meditation (Hay House)
  • You might be feeling called to immerse yourself in meditation at a weekend retreat in Sedona, Arizona at the McLean Meditation Institute, or at one of the exciting destinations I teach at in the U.S. and Europe. The self-discovery retreats offered in Sedona include: the Be The Peace: New Year’s Eve Retreat, the Creative Soul Writing Retreat for Women, the Soul Radiance Mindfulness & Meditation Retreat and more. Every retreat will give you instruction in meditation and mindfulness, and offers you self-discovery practices that will help you to heal, transform, rejuvenate, and rekindle inner peace.
  • Learn to meditate and live more mindfully, even you don’t have any meditation experience. In the SEED Meditation class, we’ll teach you how to be successful in each and every meditation. If you have a busy mind, you can still learn. All you’ll need is the willingness to take a short time out every day to do it. Whether you choose a private or semi-private class in Sedona with a certified instructor, or in your hometown, you can find an expert meditation instructor who will take the mystery out of meditation and guide you every step of the way (find an MMI Certified Meditation & Mindfulness Teacher near you).

Check the calendar for a list of all the upcoming events, including:

Read what students say about the McLean Meditation Institute’s programs and retreats.

Questions? Call 928-204-0067 or email info@mcleanmeditation.com.

Good Reasons to Learn to Meditate 

People from all walks of life learn to meditate and love it. Professional athletes, teens, corporate executives, retirees, doctors, students, judges, lawyers, architects, engineers, and musicians have taken our meditation courses, and many went on to become meditation teachers.

Meditation is the perfect way to unplug, unwind, and take a break—and it only takes a few minutes a day. Not surprisingly, taking a break from the fast pace of our lives can actually improve physical and mental health, relationships, and the ability to make better choices. Meditation will help you feel better almost immediately. It’s like a mini vacation! You’ll think more clearly and learn to change some of the habits that don’t support you.

Even if you’ve read books on meditation or listened to meditation tapes and don’t feel competent, we’ll show you foolproof essentials to get your meditation groove on. We’ve even successfully taught type-A personalities who say they are way too busy, and others who say, “I can’t quiet my mind.”

We’ve had success teaching those who are merely curious and even those who are coerced into taking the course by their spouses or parents! We find that everyone enjoys their experience in the meditation class and they can easily continue with meditation on their own.

Meditation is a great companion on your path of self-discovery and healing. These days meditation is going mainstream and we’re here to help you find out why. Are you looking for what’s missing in your life or want to find an unshakable sense of peace—no matter what the world “out there” is up to?  A daily practice of meditation allows just that. You’ll learn to turn your attention inward and connect with who you really are, outside of your roles and responsibilities.

Read more about the benefits of meditation here.


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